Tuesday 18 August 2020

Dental Bruxism


Dental bruxism is unconscious teeth grinding and jaw clenching habit which contributes to teeth enamel and dentin damage.  There are two types of dental bruxism: sleep - it happens at night while we sleep and awake - while we are awake during daytime. Majority of people are not even conscious that they suffer from dental bruxism. Therefore, this is only one reason why visiting the dentist at least twice a year is important. Early diagnosis and preventive measures such as wearing a custom made silicone mouth guard would prolong teeth longevity. Most common causes for this unpleasant dental habit are stress, high caffeine intake, biting nails and hard objects as well as previous teeth or jaw injury.
  You might be wondering if you suffer from dental bruxism and how to discover the symptoms. Patients diagnosed with dental bruxism mostly suffer from jaw pain, headache (particularly in the morning), change in chewing process and jaw grinding. Bear in mind that if you suffer from bruxism and you have dental implants placed in your jaw bone wearing a mouth-guard is a must.If by any chance, this text applies to you, do not hesitate to come for a check up as there is always a solution! Take care of your teeth, the are a mirror of your general health!