Thursday 17 December 2020

Most Common Questions Regarding Dental Implants


We have made a list of most common questions our patients ask regarding teeth implants and provide answers in a simple and understanding manner. In addition, we hope to clear up your doubts on this topic you might have had earlier. Let us begin:

1. Which is a better choice implants or bridges?

Dental implants and dental bridges address the same issue i.e they replace the missing teeth yet, in technical level they are two different options to consider. Once a tooth is missing, the neighboring area starts to deteriorate. When implants or dental bridge is inserted on time, this deterioration is stopped because the titanium post (implant) replaces the missing tooth deeper structure whereas the dental bridge is lacking the rootlike structure. 

Monday 7 December 2020

Sugar Consumption in Relation with Teeth Decay


Holydays are coming and we all know that having a sweet tooth during the festive season is not helpful to resist the sugary temptations. Sweets come in different shapes, colors and tastes so it takes an extra effort to suppress the cravings for processed sugar. In this article, we will describe the negative effect that sugar has over dental and general health and share with you some handy piece of advice on how to protect your teeth.

When consuming food rich with sugar and carbohydrates, specific bacteria in our mouth feeds on sugar and turns into an acid causing tooth decay.