Tuesday 15 September 2020

What is Endodontic Treatment?


 Endodontic treatment or tooth devitalisation is made when the soft part of the tooth, i.e. the pulp or nerve is inflamed or infected, which may be a consequence of deep cavity, inadequate medical treatment, crack or a tooth trauma. The pulp treatment and healing is done under anesthesia (if necessary) and it is completely painless. Very often the root canals are anatomically different, curved and narrow, which takes appropriate modern treatment i.e. technical treating of the root system itself. In our dental office we work with modern equipment and powerful methods and techniques, however there are often unsuccessful endodontic cases where previously treated teeth are poorly filled or contributed to a broken instrument.

Yet, these cases can be successful if retreated. In addition, the earlier you visit the dentist the better, since the chances to save your teeth are much higher.

 Don't wait until it is late and book your appointment on time.

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