Wednesday 2 September 2020

Causes for Tooth Sensitivity

We are quite sure plenty have felt the uncomfortable pain caused by the food we enjoy most, whether it is cold or hot or it tastes sweet or sour. There are several reasons for teeth sensitivity: cavities, abraded enamel, retracted gums i.e root visibility or old and broken tooth seal. 

Let us first briefly explain what is tooth morphology, so you may get a clear-cut picture of the tooth layers. and its parts. The tooth crown or simply the visible part of the tooth is covered with enamel (the hardest substance in the human body). Under the enamel there is dentin, easily porous and soft substance and then follows the tooth nerve or pulp. The root anchors the tooth firmly to the bone, it is covered with cement and underneath there is a layer of dentin and finally the pulp. If this balanced physiological integrity is disturbed, i.e the protective layer of enamel and cement is affected, it contributes to an easy transmission of the stimuli to the pulp itself. 
 In order to diagnose the source and reason for tooth pain and sensitivity, it is important to exclude other possible pain factors. If your teeth are sensitive while eating particular food or consuming cold/hot beverages, do not wait until it gets worse. Book your appointment at the dentist so you may continue eating and drinking in peace. 

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