Monday 31 May 2021

5 Most Common Excuses People Use to Avoid the Tooth Floss

I use tooth floss only when I have food leftovers between my teeth

Tooth floss removes the food remaining between the teeth, yet this is not its only purpose. It also removes dental plaque and bacteria under the gums which can not be removed by using a toothbrush only. If dental plaque is left untreated, it builds up and leads to gum inflammation as well as cavities.

I can not floss my teeth because I have an orthodontic appliance

Even though having an orthodontic appliance makes teeth flossing difficult, this should by no means discourage you! On the contrary, take your time to maintain regular and thorough oral hygiene in order to protect your oral health. If you are not flossing while having an orthodontic appliance, the dental plaque accumulated between your teeth and gums will certainly worsen the state of the newly straightened teeth. In this case, we are talking about a special tooth floss used for orthodontic cases so called Super Floss. Ask your orthodontist how to ease the use of dental floss or which interdental brushes are suitable for you.

Flossing is painful and it makes my gums bleed

The only reason why gums would bleed and hurt while flossing is the irregular oral hygiene and a possible indicator you might be suffering from gingivitis - an early phase of gum disease. If all of this sounds familiar to you, then the best way to deal with gingivitis, believe it or not, is to floss regularly. Although the first two weeks the flossing might not be so pleasant, you will notice however that the bleeding and pain will start to reduce. If your gums are healthy, they will simply not bleed during teeth flossing.

The space between my teeth is too narrow and it is impossible for me to use a tooth floss

This is yet another common excuse dentists hear a lot from many patients, however it is not worthy to let an excuse take a toll over your health. We do agree that flossing might be challenging when the interdental space is too narrow, yet it does not mean that flossing should not be done. Feel free to ask and we will explain you. In this case use a thinner waxed floss and gently push it until the gums and pull forward. Repeat the flossing this way everyday prior brushing your teeth.

I do not know how to floss my teeth

For every problem there is a solution and way to learn when we do not know. If you are simply scared to use tooth floss or the procedure itself is too overwhelming for you, then you might also use a water pick. The technologically advanced solutions are also available in our countries. The water pick is as effective and as efficient to use as the tooth floss.

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